117: Dr Michael Breus on the 4 Chronotypes (Sleep Animals), Hacking Sex & Sleep, Hormones, Productivity, and Light

Dr. Michael Breus, also known as The Sleep Doctor is the author of The Power of When – the book that explains the best time for you to do everything, based on your individual biological clock.

Dr. Breus has identified 4 chronotypes or “sleep animals”: bears, lions, dolphins, and wolves.

Understanding our natural tendencies allows us to find the optimal time to do anything and everything – from sex and sleep, to workouts, highly productive work and everything in between.

  • Understand why most studies and health recommendations are wrong for 40-50% of the population
  • Discover why 90% of people are having sex at the wrong time of day
  • Learn how the PER3 gene is one of 80 genes  that determine your sleep drive and your unique biological clock
  • How cancer cells multiply faster when we’re sleep deprived
  • Why “The Power of When” can improve your relationships at home and at work
  • How light changes metabolism, sleep, and sexual arousal
  • And much more…

Tune in to learn your chronotype and what it says about you.


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