Training Log 2/21/12

Ok guys and gals…Last week was a great week in the gym. My size and strength continue to go..

Train Track Abs

Our winter here in Virginia has been VERY mild this year. In fact, we had out first snow of..

Good Reads II

It’s Sunday again, and that means another “Good Reads” post from yours truly. (One of my favorite TV shows..

Training Log 2/14/12

Up another pound! This week’s weigh-in was 192.8 for my fasted AM weight. Yesterday I was 203.5 at 2PM..

Your Hero Is Watching

When I first got serious about lifting and trying to be successful as a physique athlete, one of my..

Good Reads

I know a lot of people like to read and play on the internet while they’re wasting time at..

Training Log 2/7/12

The past week was a great week training. I couldn’t be happier with my progress!   Here are some..