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- Gabriel Villarreal 

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Master Your Mind, Overcome Self-Doubt, 
and Accomplish Anything
F*ck Your Feelings combines the collective knowledge of the world’s best scientists and highest performers, woven into a user’s manual for the space between your ears and an easy-to-implement blueprint for becoming the ultimate version of you.

* The neurobiology of why some people succeed and others don't

* Why neuroscientists say 95% of our decisions are made based on our feelings and how you can use this to improve discipline, consistency and decision-making

* The difference between feelings and emotions, how our body states give rise to mental experiences that we call emotions, and how these emotions drive feelings

* Unlock poweful habits of awareness, self-monitoring, creating choice and develop your ability to train your executive brain to win the battle against our primitive brain 

* The central nerve that connects our gut and brain - how we can monitor, measure, and master this nerve to exert control over our emotional resiliency and decision making

* Decode the chemical in our heads and understand how our brains communicate


* Discover the secrets and routines of neuroscientists, behavioral experts, and high performers to over this primitive biology and succeed at anything

* Get your step by step blueprint to improve habits, build discipline, boost confidence, get the results you want, become the person you know you’re capable of being 

FYF is the perfect balance of storytelling, science and real-world experience of high performers.

Master your mind, end self-doubt, and become the significant, powerful human you know you’re capable of being.
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