Lucid Dreaming and Inception is Real!

Lucid Dreaming and Inception is real! These are the highlights from my interview w/ dream researcher Ryan Hurd & how YOU can start Lucid Dreaming.

Turns out Leonardo DeCaprio and director Christopoher Nolan did their homework for the movie Inception. The movie is based on the practice of controling your dreams – and it’s called Lucid Dreaming. Here’s what dream researcher Ryan Hurd has to say:

Meet Ryan Hurd - dream researcher, author and educator. Ryan was our guest on Episode 17 of the Optimal Performance Podcast.

The highlights:

  • Lucid dreaming is REAL - it's what the movie Inception was based on and ANYONE can learn to control their dreams!
  • Our sleep patterns are divided into the first 4 hours and second 4 hours of sleep. He called these restore & integrate - with the second 4 (integrate) being the Lucid Dreaming hours.
  • The best way to get started - repeat the following: "I will remember my dreams tonight" before going to sleep. Keep a dream journal for a few weeks once you start recalling your dreams. 
  • You'll need some reality checks - just like Leonardo DeCaprio's "totem", you'll need ways to distinguish reality from the dream world - like looking a clocks, passing through doorways, and reading text. When you do this in dream state, they can be unrealistic (like 7:97 on on digital clock), so get in the habit of paying attention to them in the waking state.
  • For more - including the use of visualization like the kind Michael Jordan and Arnold Schwarzenegger used to become champions, you'll have to watch the whole interview (it's worth it!) - CLICK BELOW!

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FULL VIDEO with links, resources & notes HERE