How To: Reverse Band Bench Press

Handle heavier loads, bust through strength plateaus, pack on muscle and give your joints a break with this Reverse Band bench press training phase. (Complete with how to setup guide video!)

Instead of lifting a barbell against bands, this method used the bands elasticity to HELP the bar up. Why would you want to do this? Here are a few reasons… Get used to handling heavier loads, get more reps with heavier or same weights – useful for adding muscle mass, and the bands provide the most help at the bottom of the lift, where our joints are most susceptible – so they’ll get beat up LESS than with traditional barbell lifts.

Below the “how to setup reverse bands” video, I’m giving you a sample 4 week bench press phase to add muscle and bust through a strength plateau using reverse bands. (You’ll need bands with at least 3 varying levels of resistance)

The 4-Week Reverse Band Cycle:

    1. Week 1. Load the barbell with your 1 Rep Max and attach the HEAVIEST band you have. Do 5 sets of 5.
    2. Week 2. Use the same barbell and weight, but attach your middle or next lightest band. Strive to get the same 5 sets of 5.
    3. Week 3. Use the same barbell and weight, but attach your lightest band and again strive to get the same 5 sets of 5.
    4. Week 4. Use the same barbell and weight, but this week you won’t use a band. Shoot for 5 sets of 3-5 reps. Remember, just 3 ago, this was your 1 rep max! Enjoy your new strength and muscle.

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4-Week Reverse Band Bench Press Program