Healthy Paleo Pumpk..

I'm doing it. I'm jumping on the pumpkin trend with this healthy Paleo pumpkin pie recipe. Rather than be yet another person complaining about ALL the pumpkin-flavored fall treats, I'd rather embrace it - and share with you a healthy recipe for Paleo-friendly (gluten, sugar and...

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The Perfect Health ..

Here are the highlights from my interview with Paul Jaminet who co-authored The Perfect Health Diet book with his wife Shou-Ching Jaminet. ...

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What To Do When You..

What To Do When You Can’t Workout - A better name for this post might be "what to do when you can't do your planned workout - or eat your planned meals." I was asked this question from a national publication who later decided not to run the article...but the tips are still...

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Need For POWER Output & Glycogen

Low Carb Diets For ..

Countless studies have confirmed that low carb diets are superior to the Standard American Diet (SAD) when it comes to metabolic function, diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, and triglyceride levels. But athletes are not "the average American" - and that's why we're talking...

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3 Easy Tips For Fas..

Fat loss doesn't have to be complicated. There are several things we can all implement into our daily lives RIGHT AWAY to improve our performance and get better results. Here are 3 tips for faster fat loss from our first Periscope session....

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The Best Chicken Sa..

Chicken salad is as classic and American as it gets. Unfortunately, like most "classic Americana" foods, it's not the healthiest - until now! Meet the healthiest, most Paleo-freindly, and best tasting chicken salad recipe on the internet....

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How To Eat Right On..

Traveling always causes health conscious people like us a great deal of anxiety regarding our training and eating...I'm sure you've been there too. We all know it's hard to eat right on the road and stay on track with your workouts. Today I'm going to share some ideas for...

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How To Choose The R..

I get asked all the time for suggestions and recommendations of which protein powder(s) to use. Let me tell you, there are some really awesome products out there. But there are even more products that are really terrible & huge wastes of money! I'm going to show you how to...

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The 4 Healthiest Oi..

In my last post, I told you all about Canola Oil and why you should avoid it. Naturally, the question became, what are the best oils and what should you use? Ask and you shall receive - here are my top 4 healthy oils....

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Healthy Super Bowl ..

The NFL playoffs are here and that means one thing: New Year's Resolution's get thrown out the door during football parties with tailgating snack foods and great tasting Hors D'oeuvres. But it doesn't have to be that way. You can enjoy your food, football, family and friends...

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