Is Your Dream A Lie?

“Is a dream a lie if it don’t come true Or is it something worse?” – Bruce Springsteen Think..

Training Log 2/14/12

Up another pound! This week’s weigh-in was 192.8 for my fasted AM weight. Yesterday I was 203.5 at 2PM..

Training Log 2/7/12

The past week was a great week training. I couldn’t be happier with my progress!   Here are some..

Fatigue Masks Fitness

I first heard this statement from the great strength coach Christian Thibadeau. It took me a while to truly..

Training Update 1/31/12

Training Update today. My training partner Cris and I are in our 3rd 12-week phase of Mountain Dog training…


I’ve gotten lots of questions regarding recovery lately, so I want to go into detail today covering the topic…