What To Do When You..

What To Do When You Can’t Workout - A better name for this post might be "what to do when you can't do your planned workout - or eat your planned meals." I was asked this question from a national publication who later decided not to run the article...but the tips are still...

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3 Easy Tips For Fas..

Fat loss doesn't have to be complicated. There are several things we can all implement into our daily lives RIGHT AWAY to improve our performance and get better results. Here are 3 tips for faster fat loss from our first Periscope session....

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12 Life Lessons Fro..

Ok, so maybe these aren't so much LIFE LESSONS as they are lifting lessons! Nevertheless, here are 12 realizations, or "ah-ha" moments of enlightenment that will take your progress to the next level!...

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Workout Music Playl..

Yesterday, I was asked to name the 15 songs I would include on my version of a Playlist titled "Fucking Shit Up". Music is a powerful thing. We relate certain songs to different times, places, and happenings in our lives. I'm sure you have songs that within a few notes or...

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No Gym? No Excuse..

The awesome spring weather this week has prompted me to move my clients outside and away from the posh, cushy environment of our gym. Hah, I can't even type that with a straight face...even indoors I don't let my clients get comfortable, much less posh or cushy - those things...

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Training Log 2/14/1..

Up another pound! This week's weigh-in was 192.8 for my fasted AM weight. Yesterday I was 203.5 at 2PM when we lifted (food, water & clothes). No changes to diet or cardio - they are exactly the same as last week. Last week was another awesome week of training, with...

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