What To Do When You..

What To Do When You Can’t Workout - A better name for this post might be "what to do when you can't do your planned workout - or eat your planned meals." I was asked this question from a national publication who later decided not to run the article...but the tips are still...

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4-Week Reverse Band Bench Press Program

How To: Reverse Ban..

Handle heavier loads, bust through strength plateaus, pack on muscle and give your joints a break with this Reverse Band bench press training phase. (Complete with how to setup guide video!)...

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Bench Press Secrets..

  Everybody benches. It doesn't matter sport you play or what goal you're chasing in the weight room, everyone wants to bench MORE! Who hasn't been asked "Whaddya Bench?" Here are 3 tips that will help you move more weight instantly!...

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Speed And Power ..

Every athlete wants more speed and more power. But not every athlete has access to a state-of-the-art training facility. So here are my Top 4 exercises for explosive speed and power without weights. Clap Pullup NO bodyweight list would be complete without pullups. And since...

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St. Patrick’s..

This is one of my favorite videos and it always get me fired up to train. It's different from the other "motivation" videos on YouTube - no fluff, no primping, just real lifters giving everything they've got to their craft. When you work this hard, you don't have to rely on...

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Hurricane Training..

Several years ago, I stumbled upon Martin Rooney's "Hurricane Training" and quickly fell in love with it. My athletes loved the challenging and brutal workouts, but more importantly, they loved the results! Last week, we brought back the hurricane training for a special...

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Peak Performance &#..

Do you hate being put on the spot? Do you choke under pressure or in high-tension moments? Are you great in practice but freeze under the bright lights? What if you could "be brilliant" in any situation at any given time? You can - and it's easier than you might think!...

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Shoulder Shocker Fo..

I love muscle growth. And I love doing cool, crazy shit in the gym that pushes the mind and the body past previous barriers. This shoulder workout is one of those barrier-breakers. You've been warned!...

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Athletic Training: ..

I got a very scary text from one of my baseball players yesterday. His coach had them doing some pre-season "conditioning". So he made them run 10 miles!! Seriously. Baseball players running 10 miles??? Talk about WRONG...WOW! So what's wrong with that you ask? ...

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Speed Training Work..

Speed Training is a very important aspect of any lifter or athlete's programming. It's also very confusing and easy to screw up. Today's post is going to answer a frequently asked question (FAQ) regarding Speed Training workouts.  Question: I want to use the speed training...

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