Got a special post for you today. 

I’m going to brag on my man Nikola for a bit.

Nikola was one of the first athletes I ever met online. He’s been soaking up knowledge and busting his ass all along.

Very few people work as hard as this guy.

I’m proud to call him a friend and proud of his progress. 

Now, I’m turning this over to you Nikola…


I know Ryan for well over 3 years now. I met him in a video with Adam

Linkenauger and he is been helping me since then. I did not know

anything about nutrition or strength training. Now I can alone judge

what is good for me and what is not and what I can or can not do. That

is the beauty of his coaching,with his sessions,products,comments you

constantly LEARN and at the end you are able to make your own


Of course if I have some serious issues I still ask the expert 😉

He made me realize what the food actually is and how important it is.

Let me tell you right away he is no BS coach and he likes to keep it

straight with you…As I mentioned earlier I learned a ton from that

guy and now people in my surroundings are starting to ask me what I

think about that food 😉 Of course the one who care about their


As long as strength training goes the dude is a genius. Knows all the

“tricks”, has perfect technique…He can teach you about sport

specific movements,general fitness, you name it he is on it 🙂

And he is my friend above all those things. He and the guys from a

Freak family are very close to me ( Adam, Damin.. ) and I can tell you

he is a very nice person,he can inspire,lead,listen everything that

good friend does.

Those two are pictures of me before/after. I gained around 10 lbs of

weight,a lot of strength and you can see that six pack popin’ out. Of

course that is me putting in hours of sweat,blood and sometimes tears

but without him I would not be here.


Thanks Nikola!

If you didn’t pick up on this yet, THERE IS NO SECRET. THERE IS NO SHORTCUT. Just hard work, consistency, training and eating right.

If you want the same experience and results as Nikola, check out the online coaching HERE.