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Endurance runner, biohacker, father and husband Todd Shipman will be featured in September’s Men’s Health magazine for a day in the life of a biohacker.

We’ve got him on the OPP first, sharing his 6 most cost effective biohacks and an epic conversation about promoting health, wellness, nutrition and movement.

We discuss:

  • Why Men’s Health chose Todd for their “A Day In The Life of Biohacker” feature
  • Is The AHA a terrorist organization?
  • How do we spread our message of health and optimization without turning people off like we’re door-to-door evangelists.
  • The phenomenon of Horizontal Hatred: Stopping the in-fighting within our health niches (keto, primal, Crossfit, Vegan, etc) to focus on promoting better living to people currently outside the health community
  • The importance of celebrating every small victory along the journey
  • Todd’s best FREE biohacks: breathing, cold exposure, and going barefoot
  • Todd’s Top 3 “best bang for your buck” biohacks: Red Light, HRV, and neurofeedback
  • MoveNat – Natural movement
  • How Todd Shipman spans the niches of primal, quantum, bulletproof, and much more…
[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amec6JloA5o[/embedyt]


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