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Mind Pump Media meets Optimal Performance Podcast.

Adam, Justin and Sal from Mind Pump sit down with me on the OPP (or am I on Mind Pump Media?) for an epic 2 hour conversation of “podcasting magic” that is being released simultaneously on both of our shows.

These guys are brilliant, funny, and ready to sling science at every topic that came up. This conversation ranges far and wide, including: podcasting, the pros and cons of technology, dopamine, movement, blue zones, meditation, suffer-fests, how, why, and when to use HIIT training…
A few of the specific topics we dive into during this conversation:

  • Why 24 hour was the first billion dollar fitness club
  • Impact of Social media, on psychology life and business 
  • The exact moment each of us learned to question everything 
  • Why technology has decentralized power
  • How podcasting is a revolution equal to the printed word
  • The problem with high intensity and low frequency training methods
  • Bodybuilding, steroids and testosterone problems
  • The rise of “Suffer Fests” – why society is seeking, even paying premiums for suffering and relaxation

And so much more. I realize this is the longest OPP we’ve put out yet – I don’t plan to make shows of this length a regular occurrence, but for special “talk and record” moments moments like this, it has to be done. Break it up into several workouts or commutes – whatever you need to do, but enjoy this gem!

Tune in to the latest OPP now!

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