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Andy Murphy is a leading high pressure performance coach for 7 and 8-figure entrepreneurs. He is not your typical mindset guru or NLP mental performance coach – and this is not your typical “design your dream life” podcast episode.

Andy explains how our neural networks shape our view of ourselves and how we move through the world – laying out the exact steps we can take daily to upgrade our minds for optimal performance.

We examine how our belief systems limit our thinking (and our possibilities), how the prefrontal cortex (PFC), neurotransmitters (like dopamine) and how our mirror neurons (read: social circles) influence our choices.

We also cover:

  • Creating your alter-ego and moving through the world as that avatar
  • The importance of a crystal clear vision for where you want to go
  • Why you need to be on “auto-pilot” to attain peak performance
  • What is “Connor McGregor thinking”? (And why you should be using it!)
  • The problem with morning routines – and how to fix them
  • The law of 33%
  • How “mirror neurons” shape our thinking and influence our behaviors
  • The problem with most “self-help” approaches
  • How to make novelty and “shiny object syndrome” work FOR you – not against you
  • Why the advice ” be the dumbest person in the room” doesn’t work for many people

Lifestyle design is an under discussed element of optimal performance. To not actively design our own lives is to leave them to chance. Andy’s unique talents to deliver actionable strategies make this episode of the OPP packed with tips to implement into your daily routine.

Tune in to the latest OPP now!

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