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Perfect Keto founder Dr. Anthony Gustin on the integrative approach to Movement, Stress, Sleep and Nutrition for optimal health and performance.

Dr. Gustin is a sports chiropractor who owns multiple businesses (Perfect Keto & Equip Foods) and can talk leadership and time management skills just as well as he can explain physiology and nutritional strategies.

On this episode of the OPP, we talk about:

  • The difference between a cyro and a sports cyro?
  • Looking at things from a movement-based, integrated approach
  • Fire-alarm going off in your house, you wouldn’t ignore it
  • Imagining does not equal intervention
  • Foods that increase inflammation
  • What you need to know about vegetable oils and food quality
  • All tissue is made from the things you eat
  • Problems he sees and how to scale his mission to the masses
  • Have to let go of ego to grow
  • As business owner you should be putting yourself out of business time and time again
  • Purpose, vision, goal
  • Transparency over all
  • Educational company first
  • Own your own health
  • Keto is not a quality based diet
  • If you look for average advice, you will be an average human
  • Never use the exception to prove the rule
  • Exogenous ketones, will they break your intermittent fast?
  • Dr. Gustin’s take on the Carnivore diet,
  • Eat food that spoils

Tune in to the latest OPP now!

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