Adam Linkenauger is finally on the podcast!

I’m so honored to call this human my best friend since we were 12 years old.

All he’s done in the last 20 years is inspire & help millions, including me. (Not hyperbole: his YouTube channel has more than 1 Million subscribers.)

He founded the world’s largest basketball training company with I Love Basketball TV, created another thriving business, Sport Of Business, where he helps others build their dreams and change the world – AND he’s the most decorated athlete in ACC history!

3 Lessons from Adam:

  1. Reverse engineer processes to ensure you get the result you seek
  2. Be your unique self. Don’t be afraid to swim upstream. Zig when others zag (but don’t do it simply to be contrarian.)
  3. Outwork everyone.

Listen to the full show below for these and many more lessons from Adam.

Show Notes Ep. 33 – Adam Linkenauger

  • #2 high jumper in the US, to owner of multiple 7-figure businesses, Adam talks about the parallels between success in sport, business, and life (2:47)
  • Where does his work ethic come from? (5:15)
  • Must do success principles for any person. (6:28)
  • The power of viewing business, and life, as a sport. (8:35)
  • The value of looking at others to get better (9:45)
  • How to look at your competition as market share. (11:52)
  • Identifying and measuring the right data points. Ego metrics vs. metrics that actually move the needle in business. (14:18)
  • Why we need positive AND negative motivation. (18:34)
  • How Adam channels negative motivation into fuel to power his mission. (21:41)
  • Why we should ZIG when everyone else ZAGS. (25:18)
  • The Triad – Adam’s 3 S’s to live by. (28:10)
  • The future of social media, including IGTV (and how he sees it fitting into his business model.) (34:08)
  • If you want people to follow you, give them a reason to. How to successfully use social media to expand your business. (37:30)
  • A massive secret of the successful: consistency is key. (40:30)
  • From being the #2 high jumper in the US, to being told he needed a pacemaker in his twenties – Adam’s health scares he faced and the lessons he’s learned. (42:06)
  • Strategies to avoid burnout. (45:08)
  • Why he practices being selfishly selfless. (46:45)
  • The importance of continuing to educate yourself to stay ahead of the curve and your competition. (53:40)
  • Leadership lessons every professional needs to hear (57:38)
  • Adam’s Top Tips to #BeBetter and #DoBetter: (58:46)
    • Adaptation.
    • Have more of a reason than making money.

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** A note on the audio for this episode: I screwed up. I forgot to turn on Adam’s mic, so we only have 1 audio track. Adam’s levels are low periodically because he’s coming through my mic. Our audio ninja Josh did some incredible work to salvage this episode. Thanks for understanding. **