This week’s interview on the Better Human Project features Alison Heilig, the author of the upcoming book The Durable Runner (November 2019).

Don’t let the title fool you – this episode is about far more than running, as we dig into the mental and physical aspects of performance as they pertain to ALL of our pursuits.

We also talk about the common mistakes folks make in their approach to yoga, flexibility and strength training.

Most importantly, we talk about TRANSFER OF SKILL – how learning lessons in one domain have carryover to other pursuits.

Bottom line is this, if you run, lift weights, do yoga, or have a human body that moves, this episode needs to be on your 4th of July playlist. Press play and listen up!

Show Notes

  • Alison’s award winning blog, The Pursuit of Awesome, and what that statement means to her.
  • How Alison found her grit through running, and how that has impacted the rest of her life. 
  • “I bend so I don’t break” – why you’ll never catch Alison wearing this popular yoga shirt.
  • Why this yoga instructor says yoga is NOT a complete practice. (HINT: We all need strength to complement and control our flexibility.) 
  • The difference between completing reps and focusing on integrity of movement – the mindset that led to Alison’s fractured hip.
  • The lessons learned from a fractured hip, dissecting human cadavers, and years of curiousity-driven study. 
  • Humans are adaptation machines. If you want to change, then make the change. Your body will learn to keep up.
  • Plus, Alison’s Top Tips to:
    • #BeBetter
    • #DoBetter

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