Allison Roskelley recently completed the first SUP descent of the Spokane River, covering 112 miles in 4 days.

An Adidas-sponsored adventure athlete, Allison is a digital marketer by day, but action sports run in the family – her husband, Jess Roskelley, was just named 2018’s #2 most adventurous athlete in the world by Men’s Journal, and her father in law is famous alpinist John Roskelley.

We met Allison in July at Outdoor Retailer in Denver where we talked adventure, our favorite kind of fun – type 2 fun – and constantly challenging ourselves in order to grow and evolve.

Better Human Project #39 – Adventure Life with Allison Roskelly

  • SUP-ping 112 miles in 4 days: the first SUP descent of the SPokane River. (2:00)
  • Sometimes the hardest thing about challenge is knowing you can walk away at any time. (6:57)
  • Overcoming fear and mastering your mind. (10:19)
  • What is“Type 2 fun” and why should we seek more of it? (14:50)
  • Top tips to increase your own “Suffer Bucket.” (17:03)
  • Finding – and conquering – your own Mount Everest. (18:52)
  • Allison’s takeaways from Outdoor Retailer. (20:28)
  • Using our own values to determine the best partnerships and collaborations along our journeys (22:32)
  • Exploring our own insecurities (24:40)
  • The best advice she has ever been given (25:47)
  • #1 Tip to #BeBetter as a human and #DoBetter for others: (29:05)
    • Be HUMBLE.
    • Being an open book and extend open arms.

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