PERFORMANCE = Potential – Interference

Penned by Timothy Gallwey in his 1974 classic, The Inner Game of Tennis, this equation stands as a reminder that our performances are limited by two factors: the ceiling that is our current level of development, and the extent to which we can express this potential by our ability to eliminate interference.

Interference takes on many forms – and just as many names: resistance, distraction, or incapacity.

Nothing grounding breaking there, but the hard truth is that many of us actually SEEK out these distractions.

It’s a way of letting ourselves off the hook. A way of avoiding the uncomfortable, deep work required to step into our fullest selves.

Resistance awaits every one of us. Some of us run toward it. Some of us run away from it.

In his book, Turning Pro, Steven Pressfield categorizes those who run away from it “amateurs”.

These folks allow resistance to push them into shadow lives, distractions, or incapacity (alcohol, drugs, food, etc)

No traction is ever gained. No progress is made. They’re stuck in the same endlessly-repeating loop.

Wondering if you’re doing this? Here’s a simple test. Pressfield categorizes these activities as sharing 2 primary qualities:

  1. They embody repetition without progress.
  2. The produce incapacity as a payoff.

We all do it do certain degrees in certain areas. It’s human nature.

Where and how are you seeking incapacity, distraction or interference. Where are you consciously or subconsciously throwing out an anchor (or anchors) to restrict your progress?

What we do once we identify these actions is what determines who we become (or continue to be).

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