Lems Shoes founder Andrew Rademacher wants you to know fashion-focused footwear is wreaking havoc on our feet, knees, hips and back – and more importantly he wants to educate the world on what we should look for in our shoes.

As a college pentathlete, Andrew was wearing 10 different pairs of shoes at every track meet, and none of them fit the human foot properly. So – not unlike another famous shoemake (NIke’s Phil Knight), Andrew took it upon himself to build a performance based shoe that actually fit the human foot.

His journey from college athlete to shoe maker and entrepreneur is full of lessons on footwear that heals instead of harms, developing winning teams, reaching passionate fans, and building a thriving business.

If you’re a shoe-wearing human with feet, listen up – you might learn something valuable.

Show Notes: Everything You Need To Know About Choosing The Right Shoes

  • From college pentathlete to shoemaker and entrepreneur
  • The history of footwear
  • Why we prioritize fashion over function with shoes
  • Why our shoes should have wide toe boxes and minimal heel to toe drops
  • Lessons learned from building a team and a business
  • Andrew’s Top Tips to Be and Do Better

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