Andy Mant is the Founder and Director of BLUblox, and he’s on the BHP this week to help us understand and navigate the impact light has on every cell in our body.

I’m aware that blue light and blue blocking glasses can be an overplayed topic.

Trust me, this isn’t your run of the mill blue light podcast and Andy is not your typical entrepreneur trying to make a quick buck on a slow to die fad. Light has profound impacts our lives. In fact, every cell in our bodies is impacted by light. Light drives our hormones and circadian rhythms.

In this fascinating chat, we tap into Andy’s wealth of knowledge to make this topic easy to understand, and more importantly, provide us with powerful and easy to implement solutions so we can restore our natural circadian rhythms and optimize our sleep, health, recovery and performance.

We’ll cover:

  • How light impacts every cell in our body, the hormones affected, and more
  • Circadian rhythms and how to work with them/restore them
  • What is blue light, where does it come from and how/why does it disrupt sleep?
  • How to tell if your blue-blocking glasses are even blocking light in the proper spectrum (400-550nm)
  • Tips to improve sleep quality
  • BEYOND sleep – light impacts on anxiety, headaches, depression, and more – AND how to create optimal light patterns throughout your day
  • Should we wear blue-blocking glasses in the morning too?
  • The best time to use red light and infrared saunas
  • New studies on the way light impacts blood sugar and glucose metabolism
  • And more!

PRESS PLAY to tune in.

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