Andy McCloy is the founder of BCI Sports Performance and one of the world’s leading Strength Coaches. He has worked with hundreds of athletes ranging from middle and high school to the Professional levels, including the NFL, MLB and NBA.

We’re not talking sets x reps today, because as you’ll hear, Andy knows there is different kind of programming that molds young athletes into champions on and off the field.

Andy and his team at BCI focus on education, philosophy and the “training process” in order to arm these young men and women with tools they need in order to become better athletes and better humans.

Over the last decade Andy has built a successful business, made a tremendous impact in his community, and has molded more young men and women than we can count. In today’s BHP we dive into how he’s done it – with a focus on values-driven leadership, communication, and team building. (He’s also the second BHP guest to make me tear up during an interview.)

PRESS PLAY to hear all the wisdom Andy shares on this episode.

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