Episode #3 of the Better Human Project features Crossfit LA founder and Whole Life Challenge co-creator Andy Petranek.

Andy Petranek has been a health and fitness leader, inspirer, and coach for over 25 years. He was a United States Marine, a sponsored athlete (Red Bull) in the endurance, team, obstacle sport of adventure racing, founded one of the original 10 CrossFit Affiliates in the world, CrossFit Los Angeles, and is the co-founder of the Whole Life Challenge, a world-wide, 6-week, online and in-your-life game you play with friends and family to improve your daily fitness & well-being habits.

Andy’s been largely responsible for nurturing the growth of the WLC from it’s inception to the global phenomenon it’s become today, with over 135,000 world-wide. He’s been repeatedly praised for his unique ability to inspire others to access their courage, joy and community to “do the impossible.” He’s been featured in Outside Magazine, Men’s Health, Men’s Journal, Muscle & Fitness, and Greatist.com.

Each week, thousands of people tune in to his podcast (), where he talks to exceptional people about their experience and expertise in one of the WLC’s 7 Daily Habits – nutrition, mobility, exercise, sleep, hydration, well-being, reflection.

We’re honored to have Andy on The Better Human Project.

What You’ll Hear From Andy Petranek on Episode 3 of the BHP: 

  • Why Marching Band All-Star Andy Petranek gave up a music scholarship to join the Marines – and what it taught him about how to be a leader
  • How his transition to the Marines kick started Andy’s fitness standards
    • Did not want fitness not get in the way of training
  • Marine corps was Andy’s guidebook on how to be a man
  • Why we need to stay open to learning and growing; Keep our horizons broad
    • The idea of Going Right -->
  • How Andy’s foray into eco-challenge adventure races helped pave the way for Crossfit LA and the TV show Survivor
  • Setting realistic goals: If a goal is so far out of reach, it becomes silly
  • Andy on Mindset: It’s about the “willingness to entertain the notion to go that far…”
  • People know what they think they want, not want they need
  • Develop the culture by defining team values; uniting under a common mission or values
  • How the attitude of “Align yourself or get the fuck out” helps create the right culture in communities and organizations
  • What is the Whole Life Challenge and why has it been so successful?
    • Action originated service where you can learn
    • Point system based on accountability and personal responsibility
  • Life change doesn’t happen in 6 weeks; Cultivating a mindset
  • The AP Happy 9-1-1 Playlist
  • Andy’s Top 2 Tips to Be A Better Human (Check your ego at the door and be humble)

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