Dr. Angela Lauria is the author of Make Em Beg To Work To For You, as well as the Founder and CEO of The Author Incubator, which has been named to multiple lists of Top 500 Small Businesses in America.

We caught up with Angela over the phone during the quarantine for this episode of the BHP to talk about building a business that people actually want to be a part of, crucial leadership philosophies to attract, develop, and keep top talent, why Angela says Millennials make the best employees, and how to create works that matter.

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Show Notes:

  • Angela’s secrets to building a successful business/organization
  • How her business strategy &/or leadership has changed since we hit the Covid-19 pandemic
  • “There is no first client” – You’ve already served your first client
  • How to “Make Em Beg To Work For You”
    1. Retaining “a-players” and cultivating their growth & development
    2. Aligning employees with owner’s/leader’s vision
  • Why Angela believes Millennials may be the best employees
  • If millennials are phoning it in, it’s ON YOU – where are you failing as a leader?
  • The importance of understanding the values of others
    • Example: Security or stability is as attractive to “employees” as freedom is to entrepreneurs
  • The Dialectic Leadership Model: no master without a slave – slave actually controls the master
  • Writing a book that matters – what does that mean to you?
    • The Hands, Heads, and Hearts model
  • Angela Lauria’s Top Tips to
    • Be Better
    • Do Better

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