Born into the chaos of civil war and genocide in Liberia, Darlington Martor’s childhood gave him a unique perspective on life, gratitude, and being a better human.

While his experience may seem extraordinary to us, it’s an all-too-common story for many families around the world. And Darlington is one of the lucky ones – he survived, came to the US, played college soccer, received an education and now has dedicated his life to helping others. 

His day job with The James Irvine Foundation allows him to write and distribute grants to California-area families and businesses that need help while his side hustle, Anything Is Everything is a charity that gives back to his home nation of Liberia.

Through AIE, Darlington has already shipped multiple 20 foot cargo containers full of goods and supplies to Liberia where he hand delivers the items, organizes youth soccer teams, and is working to build an Academy that will empower the Liberian youth and forever change his home nation. 

On this powerful episode of the Better Human Project, Darlington talks about escaping ethnic cleansing and starvation, life in Refugee Camps, the problems with and corruption in many charitable organization, and how his own charity, Anything Is Everything is taking on these challenges to ensure he makes the impact he (and all donors) want to make.

** Anything Is Everything is our March partner for the BHP and our donations this month will help D make a massive impact in people’s lives. You can help make an impact here. **

Show Notes: Anything is Everything with Darlington Martor

  • Darlington describes what it’s like to grow up in the middle of a Civil War and ethnic cleansing in Liberia. (4:12)
  • “I always hoped for the best and expected the worst.” (11:50)
  • Family is the core of everything. He talks about his family upbringing, moving around and his personal tale of being malnourished. (14:40)
    • People find a way to survive, human beings find a way.
  • How Darlington was able to come to the US and the struggles he faced along that journey. (25:35)
  • Why seeing UNICEF trucks in the refugee camps inspired Darlington’s current philanthropic endeavors. (32:35)
  • Paying it forward and repaying the acts of kindness of the people who helped us. (38:45)
  • Learning by doing – how D planted the seeds and created relationships to gather supplies to give back to those in need. (44:30)
  • The problems with most donation models and what we can do to ensure that our efforts reach who we’re passionate about helping. (53:30)
  • How we can all use our unique experiences to our advantage. (1:02:10)
  • Give kids the opportunity and path. D’s vision for the Anything Is Everything Academy. (1:08:42)
  • The difference between Anything Is Everything and most large “charity” organizations: while they mean well, most fail to realize true impact when they don’t put people in place that know the area. (1:12:35)
  • Developing mental toughness through our struggles. (1:27:50)
  • Darlington’s Top Tips to be a Better Human. (1:32:30)
    • Authenticity – don’t change yourself based on the environment you are in
    • Master the Double H: Humanity and Humbleness

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