Ashleigh VanHouten is the host Paleo Magazine Radio, as well as her own podcast, Muscle Maven Radio, which is part of the Shrugged Collective, and she’s a long time contributing writer to Paleo Magazine among several other fitness and wellness platforms.

Ashleigh’s mission is to provide support and resources that help people become more aligned with the natural, primal lifestyle our bodies crave. She wants everyone to enjoy life and improved health in an optimal, pain-free state by incorporating realistic ancestral lifestyle practices—plus adding some modern methodology, resources, and fun into the mix.

Ashleigh is also a Primal Blueprint Certified Expert in nutrition, holds certifications in CrossFit Strongman and Olympic Lifting, and has her hand in a number of sports, from powerlifting to competing nationally in natural figure bodybuilding.

Strength, self worth, social media discipline, and productive habits all take center stage this week as we caught up with Ashleigh in New York City just before her first Human Potential Party to talk about maximizing our potential, creating the life we want for ourselves, while helping others and the planet.

Show Notes from Episode #56 w/ Ashleigh VanHouten

  • Ashleigh wanted to be an author from a young age. Her background in professional communications and public relations gives a fresh perspective on using social media and pursuing passion projects.
  • Writing is like any form of exercise. You just need to get down to work and do it.
  • How has technology and screen time hindered the time we use our imagination?
  • How much time would you spend on social media if you had to pay by the minute?
  • Working as a freelancer brings a whole new angle to designing the life you want to lead. Melding your passions and personal strengths to make money requires tenacity, original thinking and a deep understanding of what you want out of life and how you feel you can provide value to your community.
  • Positioning in the podcast world
  • Never talk shit about something if you haven’t tried it.
  • With so much information about what to eat and the best way to do it don’t get paralyzed with the details. Make the best decision you can based off of your budget and circumstances.
  • What have you changed your mind about this year? Don’t try to convince anyone of anything as an influencer. Just do your best about creating honest thoughtful content and let people make their own decisions.
  • Best advice you’ve ever been given? Trust your instincts and gut. If you want to do something. Go do it and commit.  
  • Be Better: Stay in your own lane and take care of your own house.
  • Do Better: Once you’ve mastered yourself you’ll be better prepared to do more for others.

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