What we believe shapes the way we behave, which in turn influences what we build.

The simplicity of this statement belies its profound impact on all we do. It applies to life, business, relationships, all of our practices (even our relationships with food, fitness, distractions – TV, entertainment, etc, etc

Here’s where it gets real, and slippery: to varying degrees, we all have self-limiting beliefs. We all have doubts, fears, and “stories” that we tell ourselves, i.e. what we believe.

The extent to which we give power to these beliefs (limiting or not) directly influences our choices, decisions and actions.

It impacts how we behave, how we perform, how and what we do, and of course, what we build – not just in our businesses, but the lives we build.

We all have baggage. We all have pasts, trauma, distractions, & interference.

We can carry it it with us and let it drag us down, or we can cut it loose.

Cut loose that which doesn’t serve us and instead, give voice – and power – to the positive and true qualities that make each of us who we are.

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