This should have been episode 001 of The Better Human Project podcast.
It wasn’t and we can’t change that. But today, on Episode #6, I chat with BHP co-founder, Ryland Hormel in our effort to communicate the vision we share for the Better Human Project.
A few of the topics we cover:
  • Meet co-founder Ryland Hormel
  • The idea of #BeBeter & #DoBetter
  • The why
  • The how
  • The what
  • How we’re making our Impact
  • Support Levels and What Our Patrons Get
  • Future collaborations and possibilities
  • Our Patreon-only Bonus episode 1 is up
  • Special thank you to Evolution HPR and Dry Farm Wines for their early and huge contributions to our charitable efforts

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Social Media Links

  • Ryland on Instagram @ryhormel
  • Ryan on Instagram @ryanmunsey_