Darkness cannot exist in the presence of light. Hate cannot exist in the presence of love.

In these chaotic and uncertain times, we need REAL leadership, straight talk, and unity.

We need logic and love to overcome fear. We need to see beyond the panic and realize the many opportunities at hand.

We need less fear mongering, speculation, irrational action, and definitely less circulation – or recirculation – of rumors and unverified reports.

Whatever, the “event” we face, humanity makes it through by working together – not by placing blame, arguing, freaking out and descending into anarchy.

Just because we have to keep physical distance to slow the spread of this virus, doesn’t mean we have to turn our backs on our fellow humans.

In this week’s special Coronavirus Edition of the BHP, Josh Crowther and I share some ideas for how we can show up for and support each other in the coming weeks.

Press Play to TUNE IN. And if you have any ideas we missed, let us know and we’ll share them in an upcoming episode.

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