This is the first of a series of BONUS episodes that we’re going to release each month – we’re pulling out the answers to our most anticipated question on the podcast: our guest’s #1 tip to Be Better and Do Better as human beings.
This installment features our guest from episodes #7-11:
  • Josh Mantz
  • Lindsey Matthews
  • ICA Fund Good Jobs
  • Caveman Coffee’s Lacie Mackey and Tait Fletcher
  • Darlington Martor

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Show Notes: #BeBetter #DoBetter Compilation: Episodes 7-11

  • Top 2 Tips from Josh Mantz To Be a Better Human: (1:32)
    • To have the humility in our lives, that someone may know more about things than you.
    • Have the courage to be vulnerable, suffer productively.
  • Lindsey’s Top 2 Tips To Be a Better Human: (4:54)
    • It starts with your mindset, embrace a growth set mindset in everything that you do.
    • Getting out of your own story and going into the story of the person through their own eyes.
  • ICA’s Top Tip to Be a better human: (6:54)
    • Having empathy and being relentless
    • Listening more than you speak and trusting your instincts
    • Taking more chances on people and to keep things in perspective
  • Darlington’s Top Tips to be a Better Human. (10:43)
    • Authenticity – don’t change yourself based on the environment you are in.
    • Master the Double H: Humanity and Humbleness.
  • Tait Fletcher and Lacie Mackey’s Top 2 Tips to Be A Better Human: (12:11)
    • Travel and read – If you want success, you need to immerse yourself in the culture to the best of your ability.
    • Taking care of yourself to improve your performance in all aspects of your life.
    • Taking responsibility for your own surroundings/digital footprint, staying quiet and doing the work on you.

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Big thanks to our audio ninja Josh Crowther for putting this together.