This is Part II of our Be Better and Do Better series – shows that highlight our guests’ answers the answers to our most anticipated question on the podcast: Their #1 tip to Be Better and Do Better as human beings.

You can see & hear Part 1 here (Episodes #7-11)

This week we have Episodes #12-17 featuring actor and stunt director Mark Kubr, music manager and philanthropist Jeff Castelaz, record executive Maria Egan, professional surfer Cheyne Magnusson, former Marine Special Forces Operator George Briones, and acro yoga superstars Modern Tarzan and Acro Sprout.

Show Notes

  • Always be kind. You never know what other people are going through
  • There is always a positive way of looking at any situation
  • Shut Up. Listen. Add Value.
  • Think about others – and ACTUALLY do something about it.
  • The power of being more empathetic.
  • Meditate more – it rarely makes a person want to be a worse human.
  • Be the one to reach to others, Make a difference.

Full Episodes With Featured Guests:

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