We’re deviating from our regularly scheduled interviews this week to bring you a special episode focusing on the deadliest fires in California history.

Be Better and Do Better isn’t just a tag line here at the Better Human Project. Being and doing better is ingrained in our personal and team values and this Thanksgiving week, with all that has transpired recently, we’re feeling compelled to use the Better Human Project platform to do just that – be and do better for our fellow humans.

BHP co-founder Ryland Hormel is a San Francisco native and he’s taking the mic this week – along with our audio engineer Josh Crowther – to share some local perspective on the scope of the devastation caused by these still burning fires in a high-production quality episode that we think you’ll appreciate.

We’re getting involved, and giving you an option do the same if you’d like. Given that this is Thanksgiving week, what better way to show our gratitude for our own blessings and help those who need our assistance.

Be Better & Do Better

This episode also features a few soundbites from some previous Better Human Project podcast episodes  including business and brand building master Dan McInerny, best-selling author and US Army veteran Josh Mantz, musician manager Jeff Castelaz, record executive Maria Egan, and professional surfer Cheyne Magnusson. Links to their full interviews are below.

Enjoy the show and let us know your thoughts. We love your input & feedback.

BHP Episode #48: Show Notes

  • 50,00 people have been evacuated after the Camp Fire started near Paradise, CA. over 10,000 structures have been completely destroyed and over 70 people have lost their lives.
  • We feel it’s the duty of the Better Human Project to call attention to such a devastating tragedy.
  • Jeff Castelaz points out that we are not put on this earth to be busy and get wrapped up in societies pace. We are here to connect and help each other.
  • Josh Mantz reminds us that being left to suffer alone can destroy a persons soul and it takes courage to extend a helping hand.
  • Maria Egan poignantly tells us to let go and give it away. Whether it’s money or time or compassion. Don’t hold on to what you have if you can afford to help someone else with it.
  • Dan McInerny reflects on the importance of setting the example of your life at home. Practicing what you preach and passing that down to the next generation is one of the greatest responsibilities we all have.
  • Cheyne Magnusson teaches us to show and give more empathy. If we all took the time to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes the world would truly be a much better place.