Part III of our ongoing Be Better and Do Better series – shows that highlight our guests’ answers to our most anticipated question on the podcast: Their #1 tip to Be Better and Do Better as human beings.

You can see & hear Part 1 here (Episodes #7-11) or Part 2 here (Episodes #12-17)

This episode features ice water free diver Kiki Bosch, Retired Marine and Adaptive athlete coach Dr. Theresa Larson, author and entrepreneur Craig Ballantyne, Retired Navy SEAL and strength and conditioning scientist Jeff Nichols, climber and speaker Maria Granberg, Fitness legend Jay Ferruggia, author and small business owner Logan Gelbrich, and author, speaker, warrior and monk Greg Amundson.

When I look at this incredible lineup of humans, I’m overcome with gratitude for the conversations and connections that we’ve been fortunate to share on the BHP this year.

This compilation episode is, like each guest’s full episode (linked below), packed with actionable advice to help us grow and evolve.

As we wrap up 2018 and head into 2019, I’d like to say thanks to this crew of humans, all of our extended BHP family and guests – and thanks to you – for being a part of our journey and for allowing us to be a part of yours.

Be Better & Do Better Advice From Our Guests:

  • Kiki Bosch: Be compassionate to all life forms and be aware of the space you hold for other people. Reduce the negative impact you spread.
  • Dr. Theresa Larson: Spend at least 10 minutes to yourself every day and meet people where they’re at. Being understanding of another person’s position.
  • Craig Ballantyne: Hold yourself accountable. Then find a coach to help keep you accountable on your way to success.
  • Jeff Nichols: Don’t ever underestimate how caustic even the smallest lies in your life can be. Find what you’re most passionate about and pursue it.
  • Maria Granberg: Never lose your curiosity and pursue the newest, best version of yourself. Don’t be the person who isn’t willing to share.
  • Jay Ferruggia: Focus on how you make the people around you feel. Don’t focus on other people’s achievement’s to set your bar. Leave the house in the morning and positively impact the people you interact with.
  • Logan Gelbrich: Seek Disconfirming information. Constantly seek improvement by questioning your own perspective. Hone your self respect and honor your own ethos before going out and serving others.
  • Greg Amundson: Your wife is not your sister. Start your day with intention. Love life.

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