SMART goals suck.

Here’s what to do instead.

Focus on ACTIONS, not Outcomes.

Researchers tell us only 20% of the population sets goals.

Of that 20%, only 30% successfully realize those goals.

That means 6% of the population sets and achieves their goals.

If the failure rate is 94%, maybe it’s the method, not the individual.

Maybe it’s because our formative education doesn’t teach us “open architecture” – the belief that each of us has the ability to design and create our lives into whatever we want.

Maybe it’s because the goal-setting lessons we do receive teach us to focus on results, rather than the actions required to become a human who produces those results.

Note the use of the word produces instead of gets.

Maybe SMART goals aren’t the way to realize the futures we want for ourselves.

Maybe it’s time we embrace AND TEACH process-focused approaches.

The way we spend our time consistently determines the trajectory of our lives.

Are your decisions, choices, and actions aligned with the outcomes (goals) you’re pursuing?

Focus on ACTIONS, not outcomes.