We’ve been away for a few weeks, but we’re back!

This BHP Short is a long overdue update to fill you on the latest happenings, new changes, and a preview of upcoming episodes.

In This Episode:

  • BHP Updates:
    • Why I’ve been silent/what’s happening
    • New BHP Sponsorship
    • Upcoming episodes
      • Andy Mant at BLUblox
      • Health Mates Saunas
      • Ry & Ry episodes:
        • Ryland’s SF & CHI projects
        • Ryan’s TRT experience
      • Brain Barney
      • Marcus Aurelius Anderson
      • and more… Send in your guest suggestions HERE
  • Decreasing social media usage
    • Tips to regain control & establish a humane relationship with technology (Link to resource below)
  • What I’ve been working on:
    • New written newsletter (paid subscription) The Pursuit
    • The new Move The Chains Journal
  • Hunting season update/recap (3/3 so far!) with 2 elk hunts to go…
    • New Business: Fuel The Pursuit with Mike Lum

Links & Resources

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