I’m in the midst of consulting & advising season, and that means business, leadership and team optimization topics are on my mind constantly. So we’re rolling on with our series of BHP Shorts that focus on lessons that facilitate both personal and organizational development.

In today’s episode, we’re diving into the heartbeat of both the individual AND the organization – the mission.

Not, “the mission statement” that makes everyone’s eyes glaze over.

I’m talking about the BIG. AUDACIOUS. GOAL.

I’m talking about the thing that keeps us up at night and gets us out of bed in the morning. That thing we can stop thinking and talking about.

If you’re over the January & goal-setting conversations, I’m with you. This IS NOT one of those.

So TUNE IN and let’s talk about the thing that sets your soul on fire!

In this episode I’ll break down:

  • A story of one of my BAG’s from 2012 and how I made it happen
  • The 4 types of BAGs and why they matter
  • Why many leaders, teams, and organizations fail, despite having great BAG’s
  • How to use your BAG to determine what you should be doing on a daily basis
    • HINT: Short and intermediate goals should be designed to move you/the team closer to the BAG

Press Play to TUNE IN.

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