STOP Doing Calf Raises!

You may or may not know this, but I post a video to my YouTube [...]

Training Log 3/6/12

AM Fasted Weight = Let me start off saying that last week was anything but [...]

There Is Another Way!

Do you struggle to eat the “required” 6-7 meals per day? Do you skip breakfast [...]

Training Log 2/28/12

AM Weight is 194.4 (up 1.0 lbs from last week!) Last week was pretty high [...]

What’s Your Excuse?

This post doesn’t necessarily focus on athletic or strength pursuits. I’m going to rant for [...]

Good Reads III

Another week has passed, and that means more great knowledge has been acquired! Here are [...]

Quiz Time! Winner Gets FREE Coaching

I’m in an awesome mood this morning. And that’s great news for you, because this [...]

5 Breakfast Ideas in 5 Minutes

Today’s post is inspired by another thread in our Private VIP Area for our FREAK [...]

Training Log 2/21/12

Ok guys and gals…Last week was a great week in the gym. My size and [...]