Extraordinary Resolve

I received some life-changing news last week when I found out that my article submission [...]

Training Update 1/31/12

Training Update today. My training partner Cris and I are in our 3rd 12-week phase [...]


I’ve gotten lots of questions regarding recovery lately, so I want to go into detail [...]

Sum of 5

You are the sum of the 5 people with whom you spend the most time. [...]

Comfort VS. Motivation

I have noticed a trend lately…the more comfortable a person is, the less motivated the [...]

Are You Toxic??

I have always been intrigued by toxicity within the body, and I have even maintained [...]

Sacked Lunches

I work with a lot of high school athletes. And there aren’t many things worse [...]

10 Mistakes That Keep Even “Smart” People FAT

1. They eat cereal every morning for breakfast. Breakfast cereals are one of the worst [...]

Resist The Movement

I bet you’ve never trained your abs to RESIST movement have you? That’s a shame [...]