Brian McDonell is a passionate brand builder, entrepreneur, and apparel industry fanatic.

Equal parts action sports junkie and savvy businessman, this co-founder of Melin headwear is obsessed with progress.

It was a pleasure to sit down with Brian to hear his approach to constantly improving his strategy, team, relationships, management and execution. We talk about building your dreams, finding balance, giving back, upgrading your relationships and social circles by partnering with the most intelligent and positive people we can surround ourselves with, providing maximum value, and creating meaningful change in the world.

Brian is truly a special human and I can’t wait to hear your biggest takeaways from this episode.

Show Notes Ep. 35 – Brian McDonell

  • The importance of removing any obstacles that may get in your way. (2:17)
  • How the action sports community instilled in him the idea that work can be fun. (5:46)
  • The origins of Melin and a brief history of headwear (7:12)
  • From idea to reality – overcoming challenges to build our dreams, companies, etc… (11:50)
  • #ThisIsEarned (16:32)
  • Giving back and aligning ourselves with people who want to contribute. (22:00)
  • Why we should be the dumbest person in the room. (30:48)
  • Brian’s 5 Pillars of Success. (34:30)
  • Realistic strategies for finding balance in life (36:25)
  • How you can communicate with and build relationships with high performers (38:19)
  • The best advice Brian has ever been given (39:44)
  • The single piece of advice Brian would give to his child (40:10)
  • Tips from Brian to #BeBetter and #DoBetter: (44:34)
    • Live by the Golden Rule and do right by others.
    • Decide, don’t try.

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