Let’s be honest, life can sometimes feel crazy, chaotic, even overwhelming.

In today’s BHP Short, I’m sharing two of my go-to strategies to protect my sanity and productivity – Buffer Days and Brain Dumps.

These two tactics – used in tandem, or by themselves – help us hold the space for ourselves that is required to identify, prioritize and execute the best uses of our time.

Block out the noise and distractions.

Be present – if our minds are THERE, we’re not HERE.

And if we’re not HERE, we’re not focused on the thing we’re doing or the people we’re with.

Remember, focus is a prerequisite for the flow we all want more of.

The answer isn’t more.

Often times, the answer is less. Less, but better.

TUNE IN to hear how you can use Buffer Days and Brain Dumps to protect your sanity and boost your productivity. This episode also features a full update on upcoming projects and a new book recommendation for you readers.

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