Who doesn’t want a stronger, more powerful lower body?

By now, you most likely know how awesome sleds, Prowlers, and other Strongman tools are for developing that strength & power. They’re also great for adding muscle, stripping body fat, and drastically improving one’s level of conditioning!
But what if you don’t have access to that stuff?
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Last week we talked about using sleds and Prowlers and I even gave you a few options in case you don’t have a Prowler.

Today, we discuss how to create your own training tools!

First off, I say this – it’s a trade off between time and money. If you’ve got time, but your short on cash – build your own. If you’ve got cash, but you’re short on time (or maybe you’re not so good with building things!), you might be better off buying them.

Build Your Own Sled

This can VERY simple and basic. The base of the sled can be an old tire or a used wheelbarrow with the wheel and bottom removed – this is great option as it allows you to pile in stones, paint cans, weight plates – WHATEVER you have! Remember this is brutal, rugged, strongman training – it doesn’t have to be pretty and posh!

Whether you use a tire or a wheelbarrow skeleton, drill a hole in your base and run some chain through it. You can find chain or tow straps at a hardware store or use climbing rope made to support heavy loads from an outdoor store. 

If you get the tire or wheelbarrow from a junkyard or similar place you can most likely get it for free. Your only expense will be the chain/tow strap – all of which can be acquired for under $50.

Another option is to find a friend or mutual acquaintance who is good with metal and welding! Everyone knows someone who has this skill set. I was lucky to have such a person right under my nose at House of Strength. We actually have several guys who have made equipment for us. I paid $50 for a “homemade” sled from one of these guys. That’s it in the picture below!

Build Your Own Sandbag

You’ll need an Army/Navy surplus duffle bag from a camping store or a surplus store. These usually cost about $20. Next up, go to Home Depot (if you have time!) or Lowe’s and a few 50 pound bags of sand and some Gorilla Tape. Sand is about $3-5/bag and the tape is under $10. Total cost for a 150# sandbag is under $40. Training options are limitless.

Wrap the bags of sands completely in the Gorilla Tape to prevent the plastic from busting so easily. The more tape, the longer your sandbags last! Throw these “pills” of sand into your duffle bag and tape it shut. BOOM – Done!

Build Your Own Prowler

You can do this a number of ways. A simple google search reveals wooden contraptions made of nothing but 2 x 4’s all the way up to elaborate combinations of precious metals. I suggest looking for the previously mentioned metal working miracle man! $150 was enough to net me the beast you see below. (Having it made locally also saves on shipping costs.)

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