Dr. Cara Miller is a developmental coach who works as a personal and organizational consultant.

Now that we’ve gotten the requisite “what do you do” title behind us, we can say that Dr. Miller transcends categorization as a mindset guru.

In this episode we discuss the path to being and doing better, the importance of getting out of our own way, why the best leaders interrogate their unconscious minds, and how to address our own limiting beliefs – those yucky stories we tell ourselves – so we can grow into the highest version of ourselves.

Consider yourself warned: this episode is designed to challenge us and make us (re)consider everything. Enjoy!

Episode 042 Show Notes w/ Dr. Cara Miller:

  • Managing the perception of what we do
  • Creating space for more meaningful relationships with people, our environments, etc
  • How identify our own limiting beliefs
    • Negative internal dialogue & mental reps
  • Letting go, not being defined by what we do/what we’ve done, the ego,
  • Why leaders should seek non-obedient “followers”/team members
  • The ideal student is one who is always looking to expand their capacity
    • develop the ability to learn stay curious, trust, discern, filter
    • vulnerability, empathy
  • The importance of exploring our edges and doing the deep work
  • Seeking disconfirming information
  • Going beyond the initial insight
  • It’s not about a lack of information…success comes down to execution/implementation…why do so many fail here?
  • Improving human connection
  • Dr. Cara Miller shares her #1 tips to:
    • #BeBetter
    • #DoBetter

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