This week’s show with Carl Paoli is about building a personal brand and driving your own philosophies into what you put out in the world.

What excites me most about this conversation is the unspoken prerequisite for achieving the above, which is personal accountability and responsibility, aka complete ownership of our actions and choices.

Not only is Carl a world class athlete – he’s an Olympic level gymnast who founded Gymnastics WOD and wrote the best-selling book Free+Style – he’s also a world class thinker and thought leader.

After years of having Carl on our “guest wish-list” we caught up with him in San Francisco for this epic conversation about bringing a heightened intention and awareness to everything we do: from movement to business, from marketing to leading.


Show Notes: Episode #60 w/ Carl Paoli

  • “If you have $1000 in the bank and don’t know how to manage $1000, you have no business having $2000.”
  • Finding clarity is key to understanding what you stand for and how to drive that through your life/business. Clarity takes time. Doing the reps is always going to be part of the process. Keep asking yourself the important questions and act in your own best interests. “It’s a never ending story”
  • Carl isn’t creating a business to solve people’s problems. He’s creating a business where he gives them the tools to get to their own solutions.
  • Marketing strategies like a handstand picture have a bit of modern day magic behind them. The magician reveals (some of) his secrets.
  • We’re all influencers. Influence yourself first and then put that self work out into action in your life and the life of those around you.
  • Entertainment means holding focus.
  • Carl’s freestyle philosophy works on getting to a point where you can accept and respect all styles. All ways of of feeling and acting.
  • The answer’s are in the book. The book is your body. Listen to what your body tells you.
  • Listen to what strength means to Carl.
  • What’s the one lesson you’d teach your daughter? 
  • Carl’s response to what he’s changed his mind on this year
  • Carl’s #1 Tips to:
    • Be Better
    • Do Better 

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