This week, we’ve got an insightful conversation with 2008 Olympic medalist Caroline Burckle.

Caroline dives into the commitment and mindset necessary to perform and prevail at the highest levels.

She also talks candidly about the perils of that singular focus – the lesser discussed downside to win-at-all-costs mindsets and tying our identity to our times, scores, and/or numbers.

We also look at RISE Athletes, a program Caroline co-founded with fellow Olympian Rebecca Soni for Olympic athletes to serve as mentors to young athletes to help them successfully navigate these very issues.

If you’re interested in success in sport, mental health, or life, this interview has some powerful lessons for us all.

Episode 044: Show Notes w/ Caroline Burckle:

  • Achieving Olympic success can produce complicated, personal, emotional battles. The games are over, now what?
  • How can we acknowledge and understand the sacrifice and commitment it takes to become a world class athlete and Olympian?
  • It’s easy to lose your identity when your life revolves around times, medals and records.
  • Finding the true source of guilt or shame, what you’re attached/holding on to, is the path to any healing journey. Seeking professional help is not a bad thing.
  • Rise Athletes provides a path to purpose and identity for retired olympians in mentoring young athletes and students
  • Mentoring is an outlet to shed perspective on your own actions through observing and coaching someone through their own decision making.
  • Be comfortable with the journey. Understand that feelings will ebb and flow as you find what you’re holding on to, grip it tight, understand and then let it go.
  • Hold space for people. Give them the room in your life. Listen to them, feel with them, share your time, share your love.
  • Be & Do Better:
    • Communication
    • Practice acceptance and compassion

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