Tait Fletcher and Lacie Mackey may go down in history as some of the best guests to ever appear on the Better Human Project.

This was an incredible conversation with some amazing humans.

Tait, Lacie, Ryland and I spent nearly 2 hours drinking coffee in the BHP RV on a beautiful Sunday morning in Venice, California discussing coffee, business ethics, personal growth, my book – F*ck Your Feelings, and managing social media and our digital footprints. The best part…we recorded it all!

Show Notes: Better Human Project #10 with Tait Fletcher and Lacie Mackey of Caveman Coffee

  • Tait’s reaction to reading my book, F*ck Your Feelings and how it hooked him right away. (4:07)
  • Ryan explains states and traits, the process of writing his book and where the inspiration came from. (11:05)
  • It’s all kindness and practice. Meditation experiences with Ram Dass and the importance of clearing your mind to understand it all. (19:50)
  • Create a discipline and do that throughout your whole life. How to pick your thing and become the master of it. (30:08)
  • If you cannot take care of the eco-system of your body, how can others trust what you are saying? Practical ways to improve yourself and people skills needed to succeed. (38:20)
  • Important to know what a tool is and what is you. Learning the art of balancing the doing. (41:40)
  • Pirate your life back. The message behind their brand and how that carries over to the Caveman Coffee business standards. (53:00)
  • Success strategies. The importance of working directly with the farmers to provide the highest quality products to the consumer. (1:14:40)
  • What is your convenience costing you? The value of voting with your dollar and supporting the things you love. (1:19:08)
  • Tait & Lacie’s Top 2 Tips to Be A Better Human (1:31:30)
    • Travel and read – If you want success, you need to immerse yourself in the culture to the best of your ability.
    • Taking care of yourself to improve your performance in all aspects of your life.
  • Top 2 Tips To Do Better as a human being: Taking responsibility for your own surroundings/digital footprint, staying quiet and doing the work on you. (1:44:25)

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