Coaches may be the most underrated part of an athlete’s arsenal. Coaches motivate, instruct, teach, support, push, and prepare athletes for their given pursuits. Many athletes, especially those involved in individual sports feel as though they have all the knowledge needed to coach themselves. Nothing could be farther from the truth! Coaches offer an objective, outside viewpoint that is invaluable when striving to become the best. The more passionately an athlete desires success, the harder it becomes for that athlete to remain unbiased and emotionless when judging themselves and making decision. In my opinion this honest, outside vantage point is more critical than the young is aware. Then, there are the obvious traits of experience, wisdom, and expertise ALL GREAT coaches have to share with their athletes. NOTHING tops REAL, hands-on, in-the-trenches EXPERIENCE. These coaches have been there, seen every problem, heard every excuse, and KNOW how to successful deal with them ALL.

Even the best athletes have multiple coaches. George St-Pierre of the UFC comes to mind right away. The guy is hands-down the best at what he does – a phenomenal competitor. Even GSP has a coach for every aspect of what he does – personal trainer, nutritionist, chef, grappling, stand-up, Muy Thai, etc. I have 2 world-class bodybuilders with whom I consult for advice on my training and my nutrition. Why? Because I am not naïve enough to think I can reach true greatness with a tremendous supporting cast! Even Jordan had Phil Jackson and Scottie PippenJ.