Let’s talk about your moat.

Simply put, a moat is your competitive advantage.

Like the water around a castle, it’s the thing that keeps your competition at bay.

So what is your moat?

What’s the thing that makes you unique? Wait, scratch that…unique for the sake of being different isn’t enough. Anyone can be different. That doesn’t make us irreplaceable.

What’s the thing that makes you irreplaceable? Unrepeatable?

TUNE IN to today’s BHP Short and learn:

  • Why businesses, athletes, employees, and (almost) everyone needs a moat
    • This lesson transcends business. If you’re an athlete, your coaches are investing in you. And if you’re looking for more playing time, a competitive advantage over the second string (or first string) player helps keep you off the bench and on the field. Same goes for getting your dream job…if you want your dream boss to hire you, give them a reason to choose YOU over the rest of the field.
  • The 5 Types of Moats and well-known examples of each
  • Leveraging your moat(s) for a competitive advantage
  • Your homework: how can you become irreplaceable?

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