There is a saying in both baseball and golf that how we make contact is more important than our stance.

This lesson holds within it, a deeper lesson about connection, communication, leadership, and impact.

Whether we swing a stick at a ball or not, I’ll argue that this adage can help us create, connect, communicate, and lead more effectively.

After all, how we make contact with other humans – the connection – is, in many ways more important than our stance.

Tired of sports analogies?

Art, in all its forms is about connection.

Film, literature, music, painting… whatever the medium, the trick for the artist is to create an experience that causes the observer to feel what the artist feels.

If this connection does not occur the art will not be met with critical acclaim.

Stress test this: name one piece of art you love that doesn’t somehow connect with you or vice versa.

How about cooperative efforts within teams, organizations, and societies? Stances, beliefs and ideas will always vary between individuals. The ability to come together (point of impact) effectively is what precipitates ideal outcomes.

To that end, contact is more important than stance.

Said another way, if we want greater impact, we need to think about our points of contact and connections. Can they be improved?

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