Meet the world’s most disciplined civilian, Craig Ballantyne.
Craig is an entrepreneur, speaker, coach and author of the Perfect Day Formula. 
This episode of the Better Human Project is LOADED with actionable strategies to help you:
  • Create Successful Habits
  • Increase Discipline
  • End Procrastination
  • Optimize Time Management
  • Improve Relationships
  • Get Better at Connecting People
  • Stand Out & Get People’s Attention (in a positive way)
  • How to make the RIGHT decision, for your RIGHT life, RIGHT now

Show Notes Ep. 23: Craig Ballantyne | The Perfect Day 

  • How Craig became known as the World’s Most Discipline Civilian (5:00)
  • Non-negotiable daily practices to help you create successful habits (6:20)
  • Why you should get up and do the HARD thing first (10:15)
  • How the Perfect Day is created by PROCESS PLANNING the NIGHT before. (12:22)
  • Using delayed gratification to create favorable outcomes for the remainder of his day. (18:10)
  • Why business owners and entrepreneurs MUST understand the difference between working in versus working on the business (23:50)
  • How to focus on the 5% to move your business forward and create impact (26:35)
  • The key to cultivating relationships and how to be a welcome guest and not an unwanted pest (30:19)
  • The template of the “double-opt in” to connect and introduce people. (34:54)
  • Tips to stand out in the crowd, get people’s attention to move ahead and NEVER EAT ALONE. (40:24)
  • How to make the RIGHT decision, for your RIGHT life, RIGHT now. (49:24)
  • Craig’s blueprint to move/grow your Instagram following. (54:55)
  • Watching the Movie of your Day: Did my actions line up with what I wanted to do? Craig shares an example of how he audits his own day. (1:02:20)
  • Tips from Craig to #BeBetter and #DoBetter as a human being: (1:08:56)
    • Must be accountable to someone you do not want to deeply disappoint.
    • Find a coach!

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