Despite the long title, this BHP Short holds true to our single thought format. Well, it is a single thought that meanders through several important topics, beginning with the creative process.

The Creative Process

Given the freedom of time and space to play, my mind tends to assimilate and synthesize all of my experiences. Maybe you’ve experienced this during a long drive, mowing the grass, or as I did recently, during extended physical activity. (Ok, ok, golf isn’t the same as a marathon, but 3.5 hours is still longer than the average workout.)

While the creative process is not the same for everyone, I’ll argue that creators must suspend incoming information for periods of time in order to actually create. We explored this on a previous BHP Short, Create vs. Consume, linked below. What this process looks like varies with every type of individual, brain profile, personality, and creative outlet. Our processes are as unique to each of us as the work we produce, so we must be open to explore, experiment and find what works for each of us, even that means we don’t appear to be “working” from an outside perspective.

Productivity Isn’t Always What It Seems

See the last last line of the above section. Sometimes our highest value activity doesn’t look like work.

If Springsteen or Led Zeppelin write their best lyrics when they’re riding motorcycles or surfing, I want them surfing daily. It might not look like work, but then again, the art produce isn’t exactly “normal” or “average” either.

Just as it is with the creative process, our most productive uses of our time vary based on individual and the type of work that we’re doing. Regardless of personality or pursuit, one thing remains constant, focus on the actions required to get the results you’re charged with delivering. (Another BHP Short: Focus On Actions, Not Outcomes is linked below.)

Now, on to those lessons from the golf course. (The segway makes more sense when you listen to the podcast.)

3 Lessons From The Golf Course

  1. Play It As It Lies: As one of golf’s most fundamental rules, this tests and builds character as it teaches us to take responsibility for our actions, to make the best of any and every situation, to let past mistakes go and focus on the immediate present if we are to be at our best.
  2. Self-image. How we conduct ourselves in any environment says more about our character than how we perform.
  3. Play more. Easy enough, right? It doesn’t have to be golf. Play, have fun, and enjoy life. And if you want to get really good something, be prepared to accumulate the reps.
  4. BONUS lesson: Be grateful. Appreciate, don’t expect. Enjoy the outdoors and the company of good friends &/or family.

Play it as it lies my friends. Let go of the past, stay focused on the shot in front of you, execute to the best of your ability, and keep moving forward. Appreciate, don’t expect. Be grateful for the opportunity and arms, hands, legs, and eyeballs you have to apply to this effort.

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