We’re back, and we’re kicking off the 2019 episodes of the Better Human Project podcast with retired NFL player, model, and entertainer/host Dale Moss.

Post football, Dale is focused on working with the NFL Players Association to help both former and current players, bridging the gap between generations of NFL-ers, and serving as a Global Ambassador for the Special Olympics – even lobbying on Capitol Hill on their behalf to raise awareness and resources.

4 Takeaways From This Episode:

  1. Focus on relationships.
  2. Be real.
  3. Nothing lasts forever. Plan ahead.
  4. Having the opportunity to help someone else achieve their dream can be more powerful than achieving your own.

Dale is a phenomenal human and we’re pumped to kick off 2019 with this episode. Enjoy:

Better Human Project Episode #53 w/ Dale Moss Show Notes

  • Know your strengths and own them. Understand that you may have to start lower on the ladder in a new venture but your commitment and skill will jump you up rungs before you know it.
  • Dale’s commitment to peak performance produced an intense training schedule and remarkable results.  
  • Visualizing an act is damn near as important as doing the act.
  • Professional sports can sometimes be like living in a bubble. Even knowing teammates can be difficult with the compartmentalization of teams.
  • Dale’s continued involvement with the NFL Players Association stems from a desire to help former and current players bridge the gap between playing the sport and adjusting to life outside.
  • Providing mentors to players in business and branding is crucial to utilizing the platform the NFL Provides.
  • Bring a fearless attitude to all of your endeavors. Every day is game day.
  • Being a coach and Global Ambassador for The Special Olympics taught Dale the beauty of coaching. Having the opportunity to help someone else achieve their dream can be more powerful than achieving your own.
  • Protect your mental resources. Find a way to put your priorities first and learn to say NO when you’re reaching mental capacity.
  • What does strong mean to Dale? Consistency
  • Best advice you’ve ever been given? Once a man, Twice a child.
  • You get 1 last keynote address… what’s your message? Knowledge is power.
  • Be Better: Have fun! Don’t take life too seriously
  • Do Better: Say it, speak it and put your name to it. Speak your future into existence.

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